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Buying a car with latest model is everyone’s dream. But the reality is slightly different. Not everyone has enough money to purchase the vehicle straightway. It is not necessary that such things happen only to those want a new car. For used car too, one may have insufficient funds. Car Loan is specifically provided to help these individuals financially so that they can make purchase easily.

Why Sweden Loans Is Your Best Choice for Car Loans?

Since our inception, we are continuously working with a passion of providing incomparable lending service for our each and every borrower irrespective his or her credit score and prevailing present situation. We vouch for our commitment to work according to the customers’ interest so that they can purchase their dream car without holding any extra burden.

At Sweden Loans, we give you exemption to sell car with loan, which is very unlike other private lenders. However, it does require extra steps to follow and the process will be longer. Two things are important if you want to do this:

  • You should know how much you still have pending amount on your loan
  • If you owe more than actual sale price of the car, you have to pay to us as per the gap

We give you flexibility on these conditions and provide loans on following benefits:

  • No extra cash is required only interest rates to pay
  • Car loans for any credit history
  • Acceptable interest rates according to personal circumstances

Exceptional Deals on New Car Loans and Used Car Loans

Sweden Loans always believes in pleasing any financial desire of its prospective borrowers. Whether they are planning to buy a brand new car or just opting for a used car (2-5 years old), we bring personalised deals for them. Attractive interest rates plus the following benefits will make the borrowers more than satisfied. These benefits are:

  • Quick loan approval that will not stretch to days or weeks
  • We do not charge any hidden fees, as everything will be pre-decided
  • Appropriate repayment terms make easier to clear the loan periodically
  • No additional fees on an early payout of the loan allow you to close it sooner without paying anything

How Do the Process of Car Loans Work?

Nothing extraordinary is required to apply for our cheap car loans. Instead, a simple and steady process is required, including easy steps. Here it follows:

  • Go through the loan terms
    It is essential to be familiar with all the terms and conditions before starting the procedure. Here are few eligibility terms that you should know:
    • You should have the steady monthly income
    • You have to apply for loan amount 70000 kr
    • Car should be registered in Sweden
    • The dealer should be authorised
  • Start the Loan Application
    The next step is to fill out an online application form with mandatory details like car information and the desired amount. Once filled them, submit the form and wait for the reply from us.
  • Approval Process Starts Immediately
    When we received your loan application, we quickly start working on it and answer your query within a single day. You just have to go through the loan agreement that you will get on mail, and confirm it as soon as possible:

Note: Credit check will be done but there will be no hard one. We follow the soft credit check process and that will not put any search footprint on your credit profile.

Different Types of Car Loans

What would be your best car finance option? By exploring the marketplace, you will come to know that the lending institutions in Sweden are offering different sorts of car loans depending upon the one’s need. Besides that, factors like low interest rates, affordable amortisation and any relevant fees are also considered before the approval. However, the various kinds of car loans are:

  • Personal Loans for Car: Yes, these are the most applied loans for car in Sweden. While applying for these loans, borrowers do not need to make cash deposit and they do not have to use their cars as the collateral. It is exactly the funding option that Sweden Loans provides.
  • Traditional Car Loans: Few years back (still many lending firms are offering), these loans were the sole way to apply for a car loan. Here, the borrowers have to keep their car as the collateral and besides, they have to deposit cash as well.
  • Private Leasing: It is the most expensive way of financing a car. However, it is still very popular in Sweden in which individual can lease the car for a longer duration but he has to returned it once the contract is get over. Instead of cash deposit, a person has to make a fixed monthly payment.

Sweden Loans always works according to the borrowers’ financial interests and take the responsibility of approving their car loan applications on guaranteed basis. With us, your loan will be secured because it is specially made for you. Apply now...